Jenny Redenkvist – Info

Jenny Redenkvist – Artist, singer and songwriter

Jenny has worked with music professionally for the last nine years, and started work in a unusually young age. She has performed with other artists and she has sung her way through a lots of different events. Jenny has also been the front person for ”Housetåget” which is an well known club concept who had toured with, among others, Coca-Cola, Bacardi and Burn. Jenny has been participated  in various television programs for the SVT and TV4 and in summer of 2011 she acted as the main act with her self-produced music in London during the popular event  ‘London Club and Bar Awards ”.

Jenny has differently colored eyes, one is blue and one is brown. She is originally from Gothenburg, but lives in Stockholm. Jenny has lived on the music and her voice throug all her active working time.

Here are some posts about Jenny Redenkvist:

– Has acted as the main with her self-produced music in London during the famous ”London Club and Bar Awards” 2011

–  Have done countless of performances, events and shows

– Acted as the front person for ”Housetåget”,  wich is a well-functioning club concept since 2008 who has toured with, among others, Coca-Cola, Bacardi and Burn

–  Have done a lot of club gigs as a solo artist

– Extracts of the clubs visited by Jenny Redenkvist: One For One (London), Berns, Café Opera, Burmeister, Strand Hotell Borgholm, Hamnplan 5, Slagthuset, Park Lane, Trädgårn, Level, Luftkastellet, Pepes Båstad, Le Cardinal, Leffes Lounge , Deep, a lot of Harrys around Sweden and many more.

– Performed in countries such as Italy (+ Sicily), Germany, Norway, Denmark, Monaco and England.

– Reject the TV4 `s television program ”Dansbandsbrudar”‘ because of the wrong direction of music

–  Performed during  the official afterparty for the Grammy Awards 2009

– Excerpt of companies Jenny has performed for: Astra Tech,  Svenska Mässan, H & M, SJ, Scandic Hotels, Clarion Hotels, Stena Line, Adecco, Landvetter airport, Malmö Aviation, Coca-Cola, SKF, McDonalds, Volvo, Google, Porse, Telia, Audio Video, Holiday Club, Euromaint, Toyota, Peab, Audi, Ford, Securitas, Skanska and many more.

– Carried a season of Rock musical ”Rock to Never Neverland” which was produced by Gala Entertainment 2008

– Carried Christmas shows 2007 +2008 +2009 +2010

– Participated in television programs for TV4 and SVT

– Participated in the Danish Eurovision Song Contest (2009)

– Have acted as a part of the Swedish Radio (Sveriges Radio)

– Has worked with many of Sweden’s most beloved artists such as Tommy Nilsson, Lena Ph, Charlotte Perrelli, Jessica Andersson, La Gaylia Fraser, Linda Bengtzing, Richard Herrey, Lotta Engberg, Sanna Nielsen, Anders Ekborg, Pernilla Wahlgren, Annelie Rydé, Niklas Andersson and more.

– In the summer of 2011 Jenny Redenkvist toured with, among others, Rikard Hertzberg (Mix Megapol) and Sebastian Voght (The Voice)

– Acted as emcee at various events, including Telia’s big bet ”The Next Big Thing” which was broadcasted live from Stockholm, Kungsträdgården (2010)

– Has made profile job for Clarion Hotel and for Xide (Carlsberg) and IFK Gothenburg

– Has been awarded the Clarion Hotel’s own ”I` m Impressed card ”which is only awarded to very few people in the world



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