Jenny Redenkvist – Autumn 2011

9 Okt

Jenny Redenkvist is currently working both on stage and in studio,  new songs is now in the making in her very own style. A lot of attitude and rock n roll mixed with club music.

Jenny Redenkvist

Jenny Redenkvist

More news for Jenny Redenkvist autumn 2011:

– Jenny´s song DYNAMITE is now on air in German radio

– Jenny puts vocals on Last Autumn’s Dream’s upcoming album ”Nine lives” which will be released in December 2011. On this new CD, she will sing a duet with Mikael Erlandsson called ”Angel Eyes”.

Jenny Redenkvist - Studio

Jenny Redenkvist in the studio recording new songs

– In October this year Jenny Redenkvist were the main act at the event MICS Monaco party in Stockholm. A major club event in Sweden (Stockholm, Collage) with a lot of large profiles from all around the world.

Jenny Redenkvist - MICS Monaco

Jenny Redenkvist - MICS Monaco

Jenny Redenkvist - MICS Monaco

Jenny Redenkvist - MICS Monaco

– Jenny is ”on the road” performing  almost every week until Christmas. You can see her at the clubs but also at major events, often with live bands.

Jenny Redenkvist - Soundcheck

Jenny Redenkvist during soundcheck before one of her gigs autumn 2011

Jenny Redenkvist

Jenny Redenkvist on stage

See ya out there!

Jenny Redenkvist

Jenny Redenkvist



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